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About David Norell

About David Norell

Broke, Hungry and Happy, The Revolution IIThe 1st Revolution, 2001

David Norell Memorial Funds

Keep the Revolution going! If you'd like to make a donation in David's name please send a check to either or both of the following organizations:

Idaho Rivers United
David Norell Memorial Fund

2600 Rose Hill
Boise ID 83705

David Norell Memorial Fund

1050 W. State Street
Boise ID 83702

DVD's available to purchase:
The Revolution II - Broke, Hungy and Happy (2002)
The North Stein Experience (2003)
Idaho Whitewater Teaser (2003)

If you would like a DVD of Broke Hungry and Happy, Idaho Whitewater Wrap Up, or North Stein Experience, please email Rae Ann Norell for more information at Norell208@cableone.net.

The Revolution II Trailer
Spring 2003

The North Stein Experience
Spring 2004

Idaho Whitewater Roundup

Upcoming Film Teaser

Broke, Hungry And Happy

Dangerous Dave