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David Norell

David Norell Memorial Funds

Keep the Revolution going! If you'd like to make a donation in David's name please send a check to either or both of the following organizations:

Idaho Rivers United
David Norell Memorial Fund

2600 Rose Hill
Boise ID 83705

David Norell Memorial Fund

1050 W. State Street
Boise ID 83702

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Find Broke Hungry & Happy in stock at Rediscovered Books, Idaho River Sports, and Outdoor Exchange in the Linen District!

Dangerous Dave Norell lived a life full of adventure and kayaking. His example of living life to the fullest continues to provide inspiration even after his untimely death in a triathlon competition at the age of 24. Follow David's adventures from Idaho to BC, Costa RIca, the Philippines, and all over the US.

"This book is a gift from a mother to her son; a story about a boy who becomes a man and a man who lives life with passion. The journey through David's life and the grieving that a parent endures over the loss of a child, bring both inspiration and tears. From the book: 'Kayaking is not just about the big rapids and drops. It's about the journey itself, the hardships, the friendships, the paddling and the outcome, all in one.' Amen to that, David!"
--Nikki Kelly, extreme kayaker and mother of two.

Published by Aloha Publishing, Boise, ID

Broke Hungry & Happy is $17.99
Includes free shipping and a bumper sticker

We miss you David!!

Dangerous Dave